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Seed Stock

Our selection criteria

  • Fertility/Natural fleshing ability

  • Mothering ability/Calf vigor

  • Structural correctness

  • Longevity/Durability

  • Proven Genetics

  • Optimal Growth and Carcass traits

When selecting bulls calves to keep and use in our herd we focus on convenience traits along with weaning weight ratio. Dam’s Calving interval and the percent of weight she weaned as a percentage of her body weight, which needs to be 40% at a minimum and preferably 50%.

Our Program

We calve from April through June on cereal rye and native pasture. All the calves are then weaned in mid December. Our replacement heifers roughed through the winter to attain maximum gains on grass the 90 days leading up to breeding. Bull calves are fed at optimum levels to enable growth and muscle development but not obesity. We feed out all of our steers and cull heifers on whole corn and a protein supplement. We utilize rotational grazing, strip grazing, corn stalk grazing, and cover crops to maximize grazing days per year and minimize acres per cow calf pair. Our current stocking rate is just at 2 acres per cow calf pair for the whole year. This includes acres grazed and acres used for winter feed. We do not creep feed our calves as it does not increase our net profit and it impairs our ability to identify our most productive cows.

Our sires

A.I. Sires:

  • Coleman Charlo 0256

  • Coleman Bravo 6313

  • Zwt Paxton 4686

  • Coleman Rito 707-974

  • Square B True North 8052

Herd Sires:

  • Coleman Rito 212

  • Coleman Cedar Ridge 4212

  • Ascent Jericho 7124 Reg# 18995735

  • Ascent Cedar Ridge 8374 Reg# 19310668

  • Ascent Baron 8445 Reg# 19326025

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