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Bulk Beef

Here's what you should know about Miller Brothers beef:

  • Our beef is grass fed and grain finished.

  • Our beef is always raised 100% on our farm in east central Illinois.

  • Our beef is all natural: no hormones, no preservatives, no antibiotics, no steroids. Just good, clean meat.

  • Our beef is completely traceable. We know exactly which animal your meat came from.

How to purchase:

Ordering a Half, Quarter, or Whole Beef

NOTICE: Our options of ordering a half, quarter, or whole beef are only available for our local customers (within driving distance). Please contact us by email or by phone if you are interested in ordering a half, quarter, or whole beef.

When we take your order for a quarter, half or whole beef, we will give you an approximate date when it will go to the meat processor. At the meat processor, the beef will dry-age in a climate controlled cooler for 6-14 days before being cut.


During this time, the processor will call you to get your instructions for how you would like your beef cut. Cutting, packaging and freezing the beef takes another 2-3 days, so your order will be ready for pickup about two weeks after the date the animal went to the processor. You will be responsible for  picking up your meat from the processor in Arthur, Illinois. The meat processor charges a fee that you will pay directly to them.

What Will Your Beef Cost?

We charge based on the hanging weight (the weight of the carcass before it is processed into individual cuts) of the beef. Your take-home weight will be approximately 25%-35% less than the hanging weight, depending on how you have the meat cut. Our per-pound price is based on current market value. Please contact us for current pricing. In addition to paying Miller Brothers Farm for your beef, you will pay the meat processor a separate fee for the cutting of the meat. On average, the total price you will pay will be approximately between $6 - $7 per pound.

Average Hanging Weights:

Quarter: 120-140 lbs = approximately $500-$550 for the meat, and about $150 for the processing.
Half: 225-250 lbs = approximately $1,000-$1,100 for the m
eat, and about $300 for the processing.
Whole: 450-500 lbs = approximately $2,000-$2,200 for the meat, and about $600 for the processing.

What you will receive with your order:

Your beef cuts are completely customizable by you. A typical order could include: chuck roast, rump roast, sirloin tip roast, round steak, flank steak, brisket, short ribs, soup bones, liver, ground beef, and steaks such as ribeye, NY strip, tenderloin, sirloin, and T bone. Your order may vary slightly from this, and you may opt for different cuts than these where it is possible. For instance, you may prefer T-bone and Porterhouse steaks rather than NY strip and tenderloin. You may also wish to have some cuts turned into ground beef, such as the brisket, roast or short ribs. For more detailed information, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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