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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship your beef?
No, we do not ship our beef. To order bulk beef from us, you must be willing to drive to the processor to pick up your order. 

How are your animals processed?
Our beef is processed by our local butcher located in Arthur, Illinois. The beef is dry aged, then cut to your specifications, packaged, and frozen for maximum freshness.

What do you feed your cattle?
Our cattle are born and grow up on pasture. Their diet consists of their mother's milk and pasture grass until they are weaned at approximately 8-9 months old. They are finished - a term which means to fully prepare for processing - on free choice hay, a protein supplement, and corn grown right here on our farm.

Will you ever have 100% grass fed beef available?
Occasionally we will have grass fed beef available, but this is not on a scheduled basis. To stay up to date on our offerings, please subscribe to our emails and you'll be the first to know when grass fed beef is available.

Is there anything else I should know about the quality of the meat?
We are all natural - NO dyes, preservatives, artificial hormones, antibiotics, or steroids, EVER. Just good, clean, farm fresh meat. 

How much freezer space do I need?
For a quarter beef, you will need approximately 3 cubic feet of freezer space. For a half beef, you will need 6 cubic feet. For a whole beef, you will need 12 cubic feet.

Is there any way I can get specialty items like liver, heart, tongue, suet, oxtail, or fatty trimmings?
Yes! The processor will call you and ask how you would like your beef cut. Please let them know which specialty items you would like.

How can I contact you?

Send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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