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Miller Brothers Farm

All Natural Beef. From our family to yours.

Locally Raised

Our animals are born and raised in plentiful pastures, right here on the farm in east central Illinois.

All Natural

Our grass fed, grain finished beef has no dyes, no preservatives, no artificial hormones, no steroids, EVER. Our animals receive antibiotics only if they're sick and need treatment for their health and wellbeing, not on a regular basis.

Family Owned

We are a family operation. Whether it is getting up early to help move cows to another pasture or baling hay in the heat of summer, we work together to accomplish our vision.


1. Family farm: Our farm is run completely by us and only us! We are hands-on and every animal is well-cared for.

2. Complete transparency: You can see everything we do on our Instagram and Facebook so you can truly know your farmer.


3. Naturally minded: No antibiotics, no steroids, no preservatives, no artificial hormones. We work with nature rather than against it with strategies like rotational grazing.


4. Farm to consumer: Our animals are born on the farm, butchered locally, and sent directly to the consumer. 


5. We love our product and we hope you do too!

Carie P.

OMGosh! Just made our first Pot Roast from our delivery. Apparently quality meat makes a big difference - its by far the best I've ever made. So good- I hope some makes it to the table - we're all in the kitchen eating it from the pan right now!! TY! 

Mande S.

Melt in your mouth pot roast, a fabulous, decadent brisket, and ground beef for next-level tacos and meatloaves: even my picky eater will chow down. I’m never buying grocery store meat again when I can get Miller Bros. beef!

Kathy B.

We are quite particular about our steaks, and the tomahawks were amazing. Incredible taste and quality. Salt, pepper, dash of olive oil, a hot grill pan and you are on the way to best steak you will ever eat!

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